Solid Silver Mixed Rough Cut Handmade Earrings



A stunning pair of handmade rough cut solid silver earrings. Each earring has been created as a small piece of art from 2 rough cut and natural faceted stones with the top stone being faceted and fine cut in the form of a side-on teardrop. The 2”3 stones on each earring are encoded with solid 925 silver and are fused together. In a variety of stone options, with every pair being unique. 


Metal                        :   925 Solid Sterling Silver

Product Type          :    Earrings

Gemstone               :    Natural faceted & rough shaped variety of gem stones. 

Gemstone Shape   :    Multiple Shapes

Earrings Length     :    4.1 cm ( 1.6”) (including hooks)  Approx.

Earrings Weight     :    6.7 Grams Approx.