As winter crawls slowly towards Spring - we await the first peep of winter white promise from the beautiful Snowdrop (The Greek name Galanthus - translates to ‘Milk Flower’). We are delighted to say that we found our first one pushing though on the way up to May Hill on todays walk.

Often scented with tiny white flowers, snowdrops appear when there are few other flowers in bloom. They never fail to lift the spirits during the dull days of winter. Being tiny  plants, they can easily be grown in the smallest of gardens, making it possible to collect just a few different varieties. Given a moist, rich soil they will multiply into drifts and provide plenty of plants to share with fellow gardeners. They emerge through frozen soil from January and are in bloom until late-February.

So here at Raft we have decided to bring out our Winter Whites in honour of the simple Snowdrop:-


January 19, 2021 — Raft Clothing