Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14. It  originated as a Western Christian feast day honouring an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine and is recognised as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

This year, whether you are in love, loved, coupled up or single, surely giving or receiving love in any form has to be a good thing? Let's face it - after the past year we could all do with a bit of extra love.


 I remember, years ago, when I was cutting my teeth as a young and happening thing in Cheltenham, a man came up to me in the street on Valentines Day and gave me a bunch of flowers. He said he does it every year to a complete stranger on Valentines Day because he loved to see the effect the gesture had on them, which was indeed a gift in itself. He was right - I absolutely lit up and it kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I never saw him again but decades on I still remember his gesture and it still makes me smile.


 To this end, this  Valentines day, maybe now is the time to do something with love for someone to put a big smile on their face and help lift them beyond their current status quo. 

I’m not suggesting you chase some unsuspecting stranger up the street (especially given the current COVID restrictions) but lavishing love, like confetti, can only be a good thing to lift your spirits and those of the recipient. It doesn’t have to be huge but, this year in particular, we do need to think ahead and plan..

Anything pink or red, or flowers can still be ordered, or picked from the garden and tied with an attractive ribbon. How about a rose from the local garden centre, like this stunning ‘Olivia Rose’.   


Look at love tokens of jewellery - earrings, bracelet or a  necklace to make your loved one light up. 

For him or her, how about socks? Try these super soft lounge Joya House Socks covered in red hearts. I defy anyone not to feel snuggly when  slipping on these sumptuously special socks. 


Don’t forget cards (bought or hand made - plain or with a Gift Voucher) they make such a thoughtful gift for those who are feeling lonely and in need of a kind thought across the miles. 


 Then if the way to someone's heart is via their stomach there’s breakfast in bed, or a takeaway (even some pubs, garden centres, or cafe  near-by are doing this now). Or for someone with a sweet tooth - prettily wrapped chocolates or for those who appreciate a tipple, why not a a bottle or 2 of something special.       

Finally for those true romantics - write a poem, make a painting, find a pebble in the shape of a heart, or take a photo of something you have seen or put together whilst out walking - the ideas are endless and not always costly.

 Whether you feel like lavishing love in whatever form on someone or not - Valentines Day, this year especially, is the perfect day to let your love flow. Say it with hearts, say it with flowers but most of all, say it with love. 



  And finally - whatever you do - don’t forget to love yourself, slip on those socks, hang out in something comfortable and uplifting with hearts on, paint your nails and put on your perfume. 

You deserve it!!


February 08, 2021 — Raft Clothing