Just after Easter we sent the following message out on our facebook page. The post has since risen to over 8,800 hits!! Incredible!

Thank you all so much for the incredible response we had to our Easter Newsletter over the weekend - we received a record breaking 8,000 + hits. It just shows the power of the people - so to all of you lovely friends, family and loyal customers who shared and liked our post - we thank you.
Over the last couple of days - we have been putting together pictures of a recent collection of Tumbled Glass jewellery we had made exclusively for Raft Clothing Company. (Apologies for the wrinkles - come back Julia - all is forgiven!) https://raftclothing.co.uk/search?q=tumbled

That's all for now - but stay tuned for more updates and more importantly STAY SAFE.
Kate x


April 21, 2020 — Raft Clothing