A sweet little lightweight pinafore dress made exclusively for Raft Clothing Company in a range of colours. Wear over a tee shirt or a co-ordinating Lottie Boob Tube.


It seems only a blink of an eye since we came up with the concept for Raft Clothing on the back of a napkin in a bar on one of the Greek Islands. It was 2007 and the housing market had collapsed with many of us facing personal hardships. Here we are again in the midst of a different kind of crisis except worse with the loss of loved ones. We hope we can somehow pass on some positivity and a bit of cheer.

Raft Clothing Company celebrates being a unique and inspiring independent business that vibrates colour and style. We offer our own range of our own clothing alongside a number of exceptional brands, leaning towards companies, like us, who have ethical and environmental focus.

We also offer an individual range of gifts and cards, a stunning selection of solid silver & costume jewellery, sumptuous leather handbags & coordinating scarf collections.

New items of stock coming in on a weekly basis.

April 26, 2020 — Raft Clothing