I'm not what you'd call a "girlie girl", nor am I particularly into pink or sparkly and to boot I am sadly the wrong side of 50! Saying all that - for many years I have looked at little girls dancing around the streets in their net, tutu, princess skirts thinking - what a shame grown women can't do that! It is, therefore, with complete glee that I have embraced this seasons new craze of wearing pleated net midi skirts with chunky jumpers and boots. It seems, age and body shape is irrevelant when it comes to this wonderfully whimsical, feminine and fun style.  A big baggy jumper worn over a pleated net sparkly loose fitting midi skirt in hindsight really shouldn't work as an outfit ensemble but somehow it just does.

Sparkly clothes are normally held back for Christmas, New Year and the party season - however this season we can all glitter and sparkle our way through the day with the latest on trend styling trick of funking your net midi skirt up with a chunky knit, slouchy, oversized jumper and boots.

I'm loving this autumnal print pleated midi skirt and chunky jumper look.

If you find the oversized jumper just too swamping and prefer a more fitted look, simply swap it for a roll neck. 

The benefit of the midi skirt is you still have the elegance of a maxi skirt but the shorter length shows part of your leg which lengthens your form giving the appearance of looking taller.

I met a fab stylist called Olivia Northcote the other day whilst on a really great blogging course put on by Emma Bradley and Louise Pink from Maven Connex. Olivia was asked how you rock this look if you have a tum that you generally prefer to keep hidden. Her advice was this handy tip - twist the front of your jumper and tuck in to the top of your midi skirt allowing the sides of the jumper to still fall down this creates the illusion of being taller and slimmer and draws your eye away from your midriff.

Another great thing about the chunky jumper and midi skirt day look is that for the evening - you can throw off the weight of your jumper and completely change the look with a light and elegant satin blouse. Pair these with some statement jewellery and you're ready to go.

The best fashion advice I have ever been given was from the wonderful Michelle Blake who said "Why do people buy something they love and keep it for best? If you look and feel wonderful in it - wear it as often as you can."

Fabulous advice!! 

Go on - give it a try and feel wonderful.

December 06, 2019 — Raft Clothing