Thanks to Laura for sending in this fabulous maternity wear dilemma blog - "I don't know about you, but I haven't found getting used to my changing shape the easiest thing to get my head around. First figuring out what maternity bras are suitable for a woman who struggles wearing a day to day bra at the best of times due to fluctuating body shape.... secondly, how on earth would anything look good on a short wide hipped 30 something year old who has lost their way in terms of anything fashion orientated due to lockdown life with my 2 dogs. I am covered in dog hair and muddy paw prints from the moment I wake up!

Can you imagine my delight when I took the leap of faith to walk into my local ladies fashion boutique Raft Clothing Company and fell in love with the wonderland inside - so much so that I had to write about it. Not only do they stock beautifully soft dreamy dresses from the likes of White Stuff and Thought but they also have there own range of individual fashion pieces. I found it very difficult in my new baby-brain state to figure out what I loved most, I was dancing in a sea of beautiful pastel skirts, glittering jewellery and accessories plus cosy chunky knit jumpers - every Mum-to be's must have! After months of sitting in front of my laptop and frustratedly closing the lid after unsuccessfully finding any online maternity wear remotely inspiring I feel both relieved and uplifted. I knew there was something out there that could make me feel pretty again. So here are some of my favourite pics from my shopping spree. Not only that, but these are items I will be able to wear again and again after my baby is born. I love the fact that this is far more sustainable in this throw away world."

Above left: Super Soft Raft Cotton Shirt Dress (also available in a shorter shirt length.

Above right: Radia Soya Concept shirt over Suedette Velvet Trim Magic Trousers.

Above left: Denim Magic Jeans paired with Raft Slouch 3/4 sleeve Eco Warrior Tshirt under Soya Concept Cardigan.

Above right: Made in Italy Cord dungarees - currently sold out but more coming in in linen very soon. Worn over the Raft Soft Cotton Shirt.   

Above: Florence vest by Cream over Thought Dashka pants, paired with a zip up Poodle Jacket.

Above left: Soya Concept Camusa 3 Dress worn under Made in Italy Modai V Neck Knit.

Above right: Florence vest by Cream under Soya Concept Biara 2 Cardigan, paired with Leopard Print Pleated skirt.

February 26, 2022 — Raft Clothing