Whilst we navigate through these uncertain times, here at Raft Clothing Company we have been deliberating over whether to stay shut online as well as in store. Should we still be providing you, our lovely customers, with some form of normality in the form of an online service? We have always specialised in providing exceptional one to one service and guidance in store with the website being just a sideline. However it has now come to light that our customers are still wanting to buy from us, especially now given the amazing weather we are currently enjoying. We have a great range of linens in stock at the moment which we would love to offer out to you, and for that reason we are now asking you to let us know if you would like to be able to buy online with us for now?

To start with, and in an attempt to still provide a personal service, yesterday I applied make-up (for the first time in 3 weeks) and put on one of our lovely linen dresses which arrived just before shut down. I cajoled my husband to take my camera and son (with vortex ball) on our daily exercise. I chose a pretty walk around the back foot paths of Newent (some of you may recognise it). Given that I am far from model material, my husband is far from David Bailey and my son is no David Bailey assistant, we did our best. To be honest, it was quite good fun in the end and Mark got quite into the David Bailey thing, taking more pics when we got back home of other colours in the same design. We hope you like them. 


We plan to do a few more if they work so watch this space for our next family outing.

Please be assured that we are actively following all government guidelines and taking all the necessary social distancing precautions. If you do have any queries regarding us, our business or any web information - please do not hesitate to contact us on info@raftclothing.co.uk 

Please also use this email to let us know your thoughts and whether you would find purchasing through our website to be of use to you at this time.

For now, please stay safe, stay well and try and enjoy the positives of the strange world we are all living in.

Thanks for listening, Happy Easter and hope to see you soon.


April 14, 2020 — Raft Clothing