Understanding what suits you!

The incredible Style Consultant Michelle Blake has trained all of our staff to help our customers pick the right style, colour and shape for them to make the most of their appearance.
If you look good, you feel great and with a little guidance and consideration on a few key pointers can make all the difference to your look - not to mention save you time and money.
  • How many times have you looked in your bulging wardrobe and thought “I have nothing to wear”?

  • How many times have you bought something and hardly ever worn it?

  • Most women wear 30% of their clothes 70% of the time.

  • Why do you sometimes look in the mirror after dressing and look tired and

    other days look sparkling?

If any of these points ring a bell with you - read on.......
To establish the best solution to your style there are 3 basic building blocks to consider:-

Skin Tone

Eye and Hair Colour

Body Architecture


Once you have established what colours, tones, shapes and styles work for you - the rest is about creating a few basic outfits which can be tailored to provide a number of different looks. Your weekender bag will never again be so light!

If you are able - book a session in one of our stores with Michelle Blake who will guide you through the process and turn around your old habits giving you a fresh and more uplifting look. Come away looking and feeling more confident having been shown how to accentuate your loveliness. Your friends and family will be amazed and you will find new colours and looks that you may never have consdered bringing a new glow to your face and shape to your figure.

Alternately, call any of our stores and request a one to one with any one of our staff members who will help you with colour and style advise to find a whole new you.

September 09, 2019 — Raft Clothing