Loungewear is now all-day-wear” or so I read online. Whether you agree  with this or not loungewear is now certainly a style which, given the life that so many of us are now living due to the Covid Pandemic, is being massively embraced by everyone. Whether working from home, zoom meetings, working out, home schooling, doing the house work, gardening, exercising, or just chilling, it is the one apparel category which is seeing a rise in demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems to be one of the few things which seems to be a benefit of lockdown - comfortable clothing for a more relaxed manner.     

 There’s a reason loungewear was previously never connected with fashion or considered stylish in any way. For most of us pre-COVID, leggings and sweatpants were merely the soft clothes we changed into after work; the worn-out or baggy things we’d never dream of wearing in public. Saying that my sister in law  has been adopting this relaxed style forever - donning her ‘Jammies’ from the minute she would get in from work. I see the desire and certainly, come late Sunday afternoon I am regularly tempted to pull on my ‘comfies. However now, for some of us, our entire day is spent in a comfy, cozy, super chilled lounge state. Understandably, it’s inspiring us to up our loungewear game.

 It’s true that we work smarter and perform better when we dress up and make the most of ourselves. In fact, on that note - a friend of ours wore a funky shirt every day throughout the first lockdown - he looked smart, bright and upbeat! When we asked his wife why - she said he’d just made the decision to put on a tailored shirt every day just to keep his spirits up. Good for him - what a great attitude!

This does, however, somewhat contradict the point of loungewear because dressing up really does make you feel good. 

So many of our customers and friends are now feeling low about the pointlessness of dressing up with nowhere to go and no parties or social occasions to warrant the effort - I mean honestly - this really has gone on for so long now. It’s even testing the strongest and most upbeat of us all!! 

However, “we can do this” and I believe it is  possible to find a middle ground between my chilled out Ozzy sister in law (“not that that’s an issue Colleen - x”) and smart shirted friend.   

 A million miles away from a  stained grey hoodie and old pjs as an outfit—to something now that is both exceedingly comfortable and surprisingly elegant. I have pretty much lived in our great Magic trousers since they first arrived in store and although they feel like jogging pants - they dress up really well when co-ordinated with chunky jumpers or soft jersey tops. I think these could be the answer.

I bumped into a friend whilst out walking the other day who said she’d been struggling to stay upbeat this time around but has been putting on make up  and forcing herself to get up and on with something every morning. She can be seen stomping around the beautiful countryside we live in as much as she can. She said that even when just in wellies and scruffy walking gear she still puts on make up and finds it really lifts her. 

I guess we all need something to try and keep us from sinking into the doldrums. If you make just a little effort with what you put on in the morning, style up your joggers, don a bright scarf, maybe just a quick swipe of lipstick and sparkly earrings it can help lift your spirits. 

If you don’t fancy a jog - just get out there and take in some of the beauty around you - whether its the incredible view from your local beauty spot 


Or something tiny growing amazingly in your hedgerow. Check out these  bonkers fungi in amongst the lush ferns - I thought they were baby belle  wax coverings until I looked closer!! (“what are they -  Alien fungi??”)

Hang on in there - the bleak midwinter has now passed. Snowdrops are  springing up everywhere and Spring really is just around the corner.


So go head-to-toe in elegant comfort in your loungewear, whether out stomping around the countryside or cosying up with a comforting hot chocolate, or large G&T.

Stay safe and cosy, and remember to  rejoice in the little things and take time out to be kind to yourself. 

Forget dressing up to impress others, make yourself as lovely as you are and  do it for you.

Thanks for listening, stay strong and catch you next time.


February 02, 2021 — Raft Clothing
Tags: Loungewear