As the temperatures start to plummet and we all sink into the malaise of post-summer blues, heightened by the media frenzy of soaring heating bills - let's not forget what's good about winter. We are not a country to be knocked to our knees easily and adversity often brings out the best in us.

Check out the beauty around the every day with the incredible colour of pumpkins, fallen apples, Autumn leaves and berries flashing at us from every corner.

Autumn in the country

This is being reflected in this season's wonderful fashion palette with warm ochres, hues of red, rich browns and deep greens. Grab some sprigs from the hedgerows and create a wild and wonderful flower arrangement for your home, bringing the outdoors in and celebrating its beauty.         


Monmouth Raft

Look at the soft layers of autumn in our surroundings and the fabulous new layering items out there for us to change in and out of during the day as the temperatures rise and fall like the departing swallows.

Starting with the fabulously feminine Florence vests that are so soft and light for warm summer days, and are now coming back into their own again as the extra length allows you to wear them as your base layer. With cool side slits and lace trim hem and neckline, these give you extra warmth whilst still proving that vests can be sexy to go under day, night and loungewear.

Raft Vests


Layer up the vest with an open-neck shirt or jumper allowing the lace underlayer to show through above and below. Pair these over the fabulous trend of winter harem pants - they are effortlessly cool and cut to a style which is loose and so comfortable. Layer them over tights for extra warmth when the chill really kicks in.

Harem Pants 
Or if you prefer, slip on a soft flowing skirt with a chunky jumper and boots - boho elegance at its best. Here we have the Soya Jumper and the beautiful Frome Skirt
Boho Look

Complete the look with a fleecy scarf and a big over coat. Perfect for getting out for some fresh air to kick up the leaves and let the wind blow your cares away.

Winter Coats


Add some bling to your daytime outfit with the fun trend of layering chunky chains. Complete with a simple pair of hoop earrings to match and lose your outerwear. This look can see you right through to the end of the night.

Evening wear

Create a warm and cosy atmosphere at home - turn down the heating and the lights, light a few candles and get the fire crackling. Don some fleecy warm bed socks, and your favourite loungewear outfit and snuggle down with a cosy poncho throw, a warm mug of hot chocolate and a good book. The perfect unwinding and relaxing therapy to recharge your batteries.

Come on Autumn and Winter months - we're ready for you!

October 13, 2022 — Raft Clothing