Travel Soap Collection Box
Wild Olive Travel Soap Collection Box at 'r a f t clothing'
Wild Olive Travel Soap Collection Box at 'r a f t clothing'
Wild Olive Travel Soap Collection Box at 'r a f t clothing'
Wild Olive

Travel Soap Collection Box

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A UK hand made product by Wild Olive. These soaps look and smell wonderful and leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Do your bit to help the environment and drop plastics where you can. Go natural, go wild - go Wild Olive Soaps.

Made out of the finest olive oil, suistanable palm oil, coconut oil and best quality essential oils!

Wild Olive have put together a collection of 25g soaps suitable for travel. Soap to wash your hair with - "The Bay Head Shampoo"; a day soap with fragrances of lemon and lavender to repel insects and moisturise the skin at the same time; a soap to gently moisturise after a day in the sun - "Coconut Clay";  "French Clay" soap, a soap so lathery you can shave with it.

This Travel Soap Collection Box is the perfect holiday companion and contains 4 beautiful 25g travel soaps: "Lemongrass & Lavender", "Coconut Clay", "Bay Head Shampoo" and "French Clay".

Lemongrass & Lavender - Enjoy your holiday, smell divine and keep those pesky insects at bay. Fresh and clean, nourishes the skin. A beautiful blend with the fresh citrus tones from the lemon and the calming notes from the lavender - it also leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft. Use daily on holiday and it will wake you up with a zing, put you in a calm state of mind and act as a natural insect repellent.

Coconut Clay - Transport yourself to a deserted beach with swaying palms and you have this fragrance. This handmade soap contains white argiletz clay which has valuable minerals for the skin and is an excellent moisturiser for even the most sensitive. Helpful also to use as part of your after sun care.

Bay Head Shampoo - Solid shampoo (no luggage leaks) to nourish the scalp and hair leaving a shiny finish. Help save our environment - do your bit to help cut out plastic!

French Clay - This soap is really lathery and excellent for moisturising the skin. This soap contains valuable minerals which can help the body's natural defenses. A great soap for shaving.

NB. Wild Olive do not use animal products or products tested on animals, harsh chemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate or parabens.  


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