Shell Oval Pendant in White


A striking oval shaped shell pendant set in resin creating a small, lightweight piece of natural sea art with solid silver finding and silver plated chain.  A Shivas Eye shell sits in the top section with 4 pieces of cross section scallop shell and 2 pieces of oblong abalone shell creating an angular pattern on the remainder of the pendant, all of which are set in white resin. Stunning on a silver chain or cool on a leather thong.

Please note that the shells used in this beautiful piece of costume jewellery are all natural products so each piece will vary in colour and pattern.

Approximate measurements: 25mm length (excl finding) and 15mm width at widest point.

The Shiva Eye shell has a number of meanings associated with it. Eyes in general are a symbol of protection as to ward off the “Evil Eye”. Coming from the sea, this shell has ocean-like soothing, comforting and serene vibes and some believe it will bring peace of mind and relaxation.

Many cultures think of the abalone as a symbol of water. Its calmness and tranquility protect us from life's unsettling passions. To wash away any unpleasantness and shield us from the darkness. Abalone is thought to have the following healing properties: Soothing, calming, peaceful; relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia; promote compassion and love.