Medium Disc Earrings from Konplotts 'Rosone' Range

£25.00 £35.00

These medium sized silver coloured metal filigree designed eurowire earrings from the Konplott 'Rosone' collection are tastefully modern with a classic design and Moorish influence. Attached via 5 clear coloured Swarovski crystals set in a line just above the linked disc. 
Colour: White
Colour of metal: Silver
  • No. 5450543486321
  • Designer Miranda Konstantinidou

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Konplott, founded by Miranda Konstantinidou in 1986, is a jewellery design company based in Luxembourg. Each design is handmade in very small quantities with new collections being produced twice a year. Konplotts trademark material is Swarovski crystal, however a wide range of materials are used across collections all being nickel free.