Inside Out Pendant Necklace in Blue

£44.00 £49.00

A glistening domed pendant encrusted with blue swarovski crystals inside and out with the outer circle of crystals on the front being a bright turquoise blue. This unusual and striking pendant measures 20mm in diameter and looks like a piece of exquisite ocean treasure.
Colours: Blue; Colour of metal: Bronze - 5450543638010

Konplott, founded by Miranda Konstantinidou in 1986, is a jewellery design company based in Luxembourg. Each design is handmade in very small quantities with new collections being produced twice a year. Konplotts trademark material is Swarovski crystal, however a wide range of materials are used across collections all being nickel free.

Accessorised alongside Konplotts' Black Jack Stud Earrings.