Double Hexagonal Stud Earrings in Teal


Handcrafted, lightweight polymer clay earrings. These earrings are the perfect statement piece to enhance your outfit and release your inner confidence.

Polymer clay ceramic based medium
18k Gold Plated Ball Studs

Every pair of earrings are unique and handmade so the pair you receive may differ from the pictures given. Each piece is bespoke but that makes them all the more special!! Every piece will vary in design, colouring and their overall finished look, and we ask that you bear this in mind when purchasing. You will however be the owner of a truly unique piece of art!

- Please refrain from wearing your beautiful new earrings in the bath or shower. They are naturally water-resistant but leave them for after you get ready!
- Try to avoid contact with oils, lotions, hairspray, etc.
- If you need to clean your earrings (eg. makeup transfer), then you can do so simply with a cotton pad/q-tip and some acetone or water. Be very gentle and take care not to rub too hard as you may take some of the top layers of clay away.
- Store your earrings in a dry, secure place to prevent any unwanted scratches or damage - treat them well and they will last!
- Avoid dropping your earrings from a height, they are resilient pieces of work but damages could occur. Stunning earrings handmade in the UK using Polymer Clay and gold plated base metal. 

This unique design is approximately 40mm long from highest point of earring hook; 10mm diameter on top hexagonal and 13mm on bottom hexagonal.