18k Gold Plated Hoop & Half Moon Earrings


These earrings are the perfect statement piece to enhance your outfit and release your inner confidence.

18k Gold Plated Charms
18k Gold Plated Ear Wires

- Please refrain from wearing your beautiful new earrings in the bath or shower. They are naturally water-resistant but leave them for after you get ready!
- Try to avoid contact with oils, lotions, hairspray, etc.
- If you need to clean your earrings (eg. makeup transfer), then you can do so simply with a cotton pad/q-tip and some acetone or water.
- Store your earrings in a dry, secure place to prevent any unwanted scratches or damage - treat them well and they will last!
- Avoid dropping your earrings from a height, they are resilient but damages could occur.

This unique design is approximately 31mm long from highest point of earring hook.