The art of packing for your perfect holiday is no simple task.

Here are some pointers to help using the current  

r a f t  clothing rails.

Most travelling women these days are keen to pack a week’s worth into a carry-on cabin bag, a good starting place is to take two or three tops to each bottom
for a summer week away.
Try to colour co-ordinate as much as possible, so everything mixes and matches, maybe choose a colour to lift the collection.
You will need a great pair of crop trousers or shorts, a skirt, a pair of wide-legged trousers and swimwear.
Add a casual jacket, then a couple of dresses and you will have all you need in your basics for the week ahead.
Remember it’s the accessories that make all the difference, so for footwear take some smart sandals, a pair of wedges and trainers to relax.
A little pouch of statement jewellery and a couple of light scarves will spice things up in the evenings.
Tops by Sandwich & Seasalt £39 - £46
Dresses - Raft Linen £45 - £49
Scarves £17.50
Hat by Hatley £27
Jewellery by Konplott and Dansk
June 08, 2019 — Raft Clothing